Instant Tea Premix & Instant Coffee Premix.

Instant tea premix and instant coffee premix are convenient options for those who enjoy a quick and easy beverage. These premixes eliminate the need for brewing and allow for instant preparation. For tea lovers, the shia tea instant tea premix offers a hassle-free way to enjoy a hot cup of tea. Similarly, the instant coffee premix provides a convenient solution for coffee enthusiasts. These premixes are ideal for those on the go or for situations where time is limited. With their quick preparation and delicious taste, instant tea and coffee premixes are a convenient choice for a satisfying beverage experience.

Instant Tea Premix Manufacturer-Instant Coffee Premix.Instant Tea Premix 1 kg Pack, & 14gm single cup Strong Chai, Rich in Healthy Premium Powder tea premix,& tea coffee .we are offering cardamom premix,masala premix , Ginger premix,Lemon premix,lemongrass premix, coffee premix . we are also offering customized packing as per our suitable budget. In house manufacturing unit in kolkata.