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Alphonso Mango Green Tea I 100 Gm I Natural Flavour

Alphonso Mango Green Tea I 100 Gm I Natural Flavour

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       Shia Tea presents the Alphonso Mango Green Tea, an exquisitely crafted and authentic blend of tropical fruits and flowers infused with premium whole green tea leaves. This exquisite tea combines the richness of Alphonso mangoes, known as the "king of mangoes," with the delicate aroma of handpicked tropical flowers.

Our Alphonso Mango Green Tea is carefully crafted by skilled tea artisans. Their expertise ensures a perfect blend of fragrant Alphonso mango and delicate green tea leaves, resulting in a harmonious and refreshing flavor profile. The attention to detail and craftsmanship of our tea artisans elevates the drinking experience, making each sip a delightful and memorable moment.

refreshing blend with natural low caffeine levels. The fruity flavor of Alphonso mango complements the delicate green tea base. This combination offers a gentle energy boost without the jitters of high caffeine content. Ideal for a soothing and flavorful tea experience.



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